Aug 10, 2013

Release of Backgammon Live app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets

Backgammon Live for iPhone & iPad     Backgammon Live for Android phones & tablets

Backgammon Live is a social gaming platform where Backgammon gamers from all corners of the planet can come together and play a mobile version of the popular board game. The game is always busy with players so you'll never need to wait long for a game. In addition to FREE games, Backgammon Live also features the ability to play games for in-app currency called '$Tickets'.

  • Lots of players always available!
  • Game lets you play or watch other live games!
  • Plenty of flexibility built around the social element of the game: chat, invite others to play, etc!

    Backgammon Live is a active social network built around the game of Backgammon. The games lets you play numerous games against live players from around the world in real-time. After you have registered with the game, you get a main screen with all the games currently being played. If there is a button you have the opportunity to join the game and get stuck into a live game of Backgammon. Alternatively, you can dip into a game and watch other users play. This feature especially useful for players who are learning the game -- it's good to see other players in action.
    There are tutorials in the app itself, a refresher for players already familiar with the rules. The game is fast, very responsive and action packed. You can also chat with the players you are competing against- further adding to the social element of the game.



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